Do You Possess the Mindset of an Entrepreneur?

Is it the purpose of a job to earn money? Is the purpose of a job to be like everybody else; like your peers, your neighbour next door? Why do the rich remain rich and the poor remain poor? What else do you have after completing your studies – than a student loan to pay back, the admiration of fulfilling the wishes of your parents, proud teachers, and – a piece of paper to say you are qualified?

When you were studying and taking your student loan – did you ponder about these questions. I know I didn’t.

The conditioning system designed for you to be an employee:

Let’s take an example: Your teacher at school. Or your MBA professor. Or your professor at the university. These people have been there for you to teach you about a subject: finance, maths, languages. They have shaped you, and taught you – as a teacher but most likely not as an entrepreneur. Teachers get their paycheck for teaching. They teach you to get skilled in subjects so that you can get a job. The paycheck they got was because they turned up for work.

What happens usually is that you go to school to get a job so you can get money, so you can qualify to take a loan to pay the mortgage of the house you just bought. The saddest part is that once you’ve gone through that stage that society conditions you to do: what do you have? You have the admiration of fulfilling the wishes of your parents, proud teachers, and a piece of paper to say you are qualified. And then your peers of course with the home you have gone through this ordeal. Now, what about your true skills. Your passions and future. At this stage, you’ve accumulated knowledge, maybe some student debt. It’s wicked that young people are conditioned to possess the mindset of an employee rather than an entrepreneur.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn how to make money instead of going through a chain with a tedious painstaking educational and conditioning system?

Being an entrepreneur or an employee starts with a fundamental attitude most people ingest from their parents or siblings.
Poverty or abundance is passed on in your family. Or why do you think the rich remain rich and the poor remain poor? No, it’s not thanks to inheritance. It is very easy to lose money if you have no experience handling the money.
The school system will never teach you about money. The school system was designed to teach you to be an employee, doctor, or lawyer not to earn money.

What most people lack is real business knowledge. What they don’t do at schools is teach how to utilize your skills to make money. An entrepreneur must know about money. He must figure out how to make money. Otherwise, very soon he will no longer be an entrepreneur. An employee doesn’t have to know anything about money. Because the company the employee works for will take care of him.

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